Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Been Awhile..

It has been a long time coming, a very long time indeed that I have updated this in a while. A lot has changed with me. Of course I have gotten older, wiser, and less dark than my blogs have perceived of me in the past. The year is now 2016, I am now twenty-six years old now. Looking back at my last blog post at twenty-one, five years ago almost I reflect and think of all the things that have happened, all that has passed me by since. Since that blog, I was able to enjoy three great years in in college. I had my ups and downs at Gwynedd granted, but coming from a hell hole in Metropolitan Career Center, it seemed like heaven. That is where a lot of my anger came from, a lot of frustration, some that still is triggered today. I wish that I could write this and say I’m finished college but unfortunately that is not the case. I'm almost there, and the nightmare that I held with me for so long will be over. Back to what I was saying, Gwynedd taught me so many things in the three years that I was there, it also taught me about life and responsibilities. At the end of my career at Gwynedd, I was simply just not happy with anything. Upset with life, where i was going and the area I lived in I wanted a change. My goal was to set out for a new area or something to change that. I had been unhappy in Pennsylvania for so long, that it became immune to me. It only got worse when personal family situations got involved 2012. See, that is one reason I gave up writing on this blog, I did not want to shed my feelings of those times, it was harder for me than anything I think i had to endure. I learned a lot about myself, and with that I found out a lot about people and it made me better moving forward. I decided that 2014 would be my last semester at Gwynedd, I would transfer and finish my last year of schooling in my birth place of Florida. It was not that easy, I left with hassle but in the end it was more me than them. They say go to where you are happy, make the sacrifices you need. I have been down here for the last two years now. It has been rough for the most part. They never said moving somewhere else was easy. I am still trying to catch on, applying job to job, hopefully stumble upon love on the way and start the life I desire. In the end, everyone will say they understand, but from my perspective its better left unsaid. Till the next time...I'm Back   

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